Monday, February 8, 2016

Toyota Modification Dimensional Designed Result

Blog Automotive - Toyota 86 is still the one that became a favorite toy car tuners from around the world . Although the true Toyota 86 version of the output of the factory is sufficient to be categorized as a special car , but still only a modified Toyota 86 still can be done to boost the many things that make it increasingly special. Modifications Toyota 86 can be done to change the look of the already sporty generally become more cool, or perhaps more unique . 
Here are 5 Modified Toyota 86 Super Cool (Sec. 1 ) , the concoction - tuner tuner famous from around the world that we deliberately chose for you :For most other tuners , modification of the Toyota 86 could also intended to boost power and performance in order to appear more again . As well as proving to the world that they can also look to show off with the Toyota 86 which has modification. 

Kuhl is actually an aftermarket tuner that specializes in hybrid cars and often make modifications to the Toyota Prius . Even so , it is still a Japanese tuner that this one can not ignore the charm Toyota 86 for modified . In appearance , a modified Toyota 86 ala Kuhl visible focus on playing with a special body kit which they intentionally created for the Toyota sports car . Famous iridescence on the body was the result of a custom paint three -dimensional designed by Takahiko Izawa . As a result Toyota 86 Kuhl was shown to have an aggressive style . It is suitable for users Toyota 86 who love the feel of bling - bling and full of high confidence .

Who does not like when Toyota 86 dimodif to be ready for a racing car? Tuner Rasty by cooperating with the Japanese aftermarket modified Toyota 86 with a pair a set of Volk Racing TE - 37SL dimension 18 - inch braking system Endless Brakes typical racing and go-fast goods from HKS, A'PEXi, Tomei and SARD number overhaul under the hood machines have also been made to boost its power in order to increasingly aggressive. To be sure the car is ready to be invited speeding on the track circuit. 

Utilizing body kit version 1 output Rocket Bunny, GReddy modify the appearance of the Toyota 86 becomes visible smoother with the support of the performance as a race car. Through this project of GReddy as if he wanted to revive the popularity of body kit old version of Rocket Bunny Quite to the contrary to that of the Toyota 86 GReddy version 1, specifically on modified Toyota 86 version of this second GReddy no longer uses the body kit Rocket Bunny first output, but has adapted the body kit of Rocket Bunny more modern.

 Polished blue that are the hallmark of the GReddy own, modified Toyota 86 this one makes a sports car, Toyota has become more aggressive and challenging. Aimgain more commonly known as a specialist kit Lexus luxury variant. Through modification of the Toyota 86 this time, Aimgain as if to prove that they too can dress other Toyota models. 

Aimgain car called the modified program with the name 'LF-Sport 86'. From the name alone can be known if Aimgain combines two concepts, namely design owned luxury Lexus with a sport design belongs to 86. Aimgain install owned luxury Lexus Spindle Grille which turned out surprisingly well look good when used for Toyota 86 which incidentally is a sports car.

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